Live discussion – FRCEM Primary

The video chats are not monitored. You are responsible for what you share. Avoid sharing copyrighted material (screenshots from paid Q banks). This page helps you in joining the meetings quickly. We do not host these meetings ourselves. Thanks to Jitsi. Download jitsi meet app from app store and you’ll be redirected to the app after entering the code. On desktop, you don’t have to download any software.


FRCEMprep Physio Gastro5297238
FRCEMprep Physio Endocrine5211965
FRCEMprep Physio Renal5223525
FRCEMprep Physio CardioVascular5214390
FRCEMprep Physio Respiratory5226370
FRCEMprep Physio Basic cellular5272752
FRCEMprep Anatomy CNS5231483
FRCEMprep Anatomy Head Neck5284814
FRCEMprep Anatomy Thorax5270059
FRCEMprep Anatomy Abdomen5257464
FRCEMprep Anatomy Lower limb5210731
FRCEMprep Anatomy Upper limb5296275
Codes to enter