Terms and conditions – Refunds – Cancellations

Social login data usage

We use your public profile data such as name, email ID and profile picture to personalize your experience on this website.

You are free to request us to delete any of the data we retrieved from your social IDs via a message on Contact-us page.
You will not share any copy-righted content with other users on this portal via any means of communication. If you do so, you are liable by yourself. FRCEMprep is not liable for any damages you may encounter based on your behaviour.

Payments and refunds

If you make a payment for any course, we reserve the right to decide whether we issue a refund or not. No arguments entertained.

All payments will be processed by international payment gateways with maximum security. We do not store your Card data on our database to avoid data theft liability.

If you have any issues processing payments, get in touch with us to know alternative payment modes we might offer.