MRCEM Primary

MRCEM Primary


MRCEM Primary SBA Revision course. Online access for May 2024 batch
About 3 hrs per topic.

We will be discussing important concepts and frequently tested topics, what kind of questions get framed from such topics and the correct answer to such questions.

WhatsApp groups and telegram groups have a lot of questions posted with answers from strangers which may or may not be correct. And you will waste a lot of precious time going through them. Utilize your time wisely.

Payment can be made via credit cards and bank account depending on your country.

If you want to do a UPI transfer (Indians), message us on whatsapp (Chat link visible on bottom of the page).

Conversions are approximate values. Compare with currency exchange values for accuracy.

(Prepare well and avoid paying 330 gbp for another attempt).
MRCEM faculty with proven success rate in previous workshops. More info can be gathered via whatsapp on +919908889121

Read reviews from previous attendees on Facebook page

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