FRCEM exam preparation material for FRCEM Primary.

FRCEM primary training workshop – Fully virtual – a rapid revision course. Last session – Nov 25th to 29th (2020), was a huge success with people scoring marks up to 159 out of 180! Ready for the next session? This time, it’ll be a longer session (2months)

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Physiology material is uploaded.
Be thorough with physiology to score good marks in the exam.
It has equal priority to anatomy in terms of number of questions in the exam. If your basic physiology concepts are in line, you’ll understand pharmacology better. Most of the residents spend more time on Anatomy.

Negligence can cost you another attempt.

Start reading FRCEM primary – Physiology

Conveniently divided into 6 modules – 1.Basic cellular 2.Respiratory 3.Cardiovascular 4.Gastro-intestinal 5.Renal 6.Endocrine