Anatomy for MRCEM primary exam

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Upper limb Anatomy

Subscapularis muscle

Surface markings, actions and nerve supply of Subscapularis

OriginSubscapular fossa
InsertionLesser tuberosity of Humerus
Nerve supplyUpper and  lower subscapular nerves
ActionsMedial rotation of the arm

Subscapularis Origin and Insertions – Image modified from BodyParts3D, © The Database Center for Life Science licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.1 Japan

“Sub” means under or below. Subscapularis is located underneath the Scapula as the name suggests.

When this muscle contracts, the Humerus head is pulled medially resulting in rotation. This also helps maintain the humeral head latched on to glenoid cavity, assisting in joint stability.

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